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Fans & Friends

"Danke für Eure tollen Kommentare! Eure Lili"

"Stronger - der Name des neuen Albums von Lili Rankine passt perfekt zur aktuellen Situation. Die Songs bringen durch ihre positiven, aber auch religiösen Botschaften eine angenehme Abwechslung vom Alltag. Sehr empfehlenswert!"

Christian (Deutschland), 2020

"My only wish is to see you at worldwide stages, not only in Germany. I hope those days are not far away."

Ayhan (Türkei), 2020

"Wawww I am in love with the songs so much. I really love it."

Prince (Afrika), 2020

"Your voice is unique & talks to the Souls. It is a pleasure to listen to your songs. Best of luck."

Saman (Sri Lanka / Deutschland), 2020

"The new album Stronger form Lili Rankine holds positivity and a relationship with God in high regard. The pop laced-driven music holds a rock feel. More than just the performer and lyricist, she produces the musical content to bring you to good vibes."

Top_Encourager (USA), 2020

"Marleen, you are so special. A strong woman, with lots of soul, love, and respect. Your album is a soul touching for the world. Love is the Answer and God bless you forever!"

Pax Nic (Afrika / Deutschland), 2020

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